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Why IS-BAO: the Above-Standard Practice


Why IS-BAO: the Above-Standard Practice

Why implement IS-BAO or the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations?
I was recently asked this question by a colleague who is managing a legacy flight department. Here is a quick snapshot of the “why” which applies to any operation that is considering the IS-BAO registration process.
IS-BAO will:
– Reduce the number of independent decisions, thus sustaining the corporate standard for risk management
– Provide continuity of performance during staff changes (hiring, growth, reductions, etc.)
– Ensure change management is considered in a formal process
– Provide regulatory equivalence with State Registry Standards and ICAO
– Provide access to current SMS resources
– Provide opportunity for insurance premium reductions
– Remove personal perspective management

IS-BAO implementation can lead to an improved safety and risk management culture in any operation if the process is embraced.

If you’re interested in implementing IS-BAO in your operations, but not sure how to get started or how to embrace the process, contact us at AeroTechna Solutions, and we can help you navigate the “how” along with the “why”.

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